Friday, August 8, 2008


Every client wants an online component these days. A list of unfortunate businesses that attempted to make the leap to a URL where unfortunately, there is no space bar...

1. A company named ‘Who Represents’ lets you find the name of the agent that represents celebrities. Maybe appropriately, the website is

2. A knowledge base for programmers is called ‘Experts Exchange.” Programmers, not being known for their branding prowess, chose this URL:

3. For the ultimate selection in pens from around the world, you need to visit ‘Pen Island’. It can be found at…

4. One of the best online resources for finding a therapist in your neighborhood is ‘Therapist Finder.’ Hopefully the therapists aren’t as scary as the name implies:

5. We all know the rumor about Italian guys and their specific genetic endowments, but this Italian power company takes it a little too far:

6.’IP computer’ software gives you the freedom to go just about anywhere…

7. I really really feel sorry for ‘The First Cumming Methodist Church.’ Not the greatest name to begin with, but this website makes it all the worse:

8. There are some great designers at ‘Speed of Art’ and their work has nothing to do with either swimwear or Mexican food.

A final message to anyone starting their own company. Think twice before you buy that URL.

via Trend Hunter