Friday, June 29, 2007

Diesel Get's Deep

Last week at the Pitti Immagine Fashion Fair in Florence, Diesel unveiled a groundbreaking marriage of high fashion and technology. The show, entitled 'Liquid Space' took on a life of it's own when Creative director Wilbert Das tagged Dvein, a Spanish CGI animation studio to design an eye catching multimedia show. Motion graphics of models and deep sea creatures created the illusion that the projections were moving in sync with the live models strutting the runway.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beyond Thunderdome: Cut&Paste 2007

It's that time of the year again! Cut&Paste returns to NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and two new cities this year, Portland and Boston. The entry deadline is July 17th with a whole host of new prizes from Adobe, Wacom Technology, IdN and Wired Magazine. So come out, make lots of noise and drink overpriced drinks...why else would graphic designers go to a night club? We had a hell of a time last year and we're looking forward to this year's event. Check out the 2006 Cut & Paste Chicago below...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bomb This!

New trailer is out for Bombit. Question: Can an artist sell out if he is featured in a movie about the art form itself? Did Cornbread really invent graffiti? This film is sure to answer none of these question but is sure to interview a lot of professor types commenting on graffiti's legitimacy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BRB I'am busy SMB

Mocean Woreker 'Shake Ya Boogie'

New Mocean Worker video for the single 'Shake Ya Boogie' may be the first video ever to be directed entirely over the internet. The Max Fleishcer inspired animations are the work of Polish art student Czarek Kwasny who communicated with the nu-jazz musician exclusively through AIM and email. "Neither of us have actually ever spoken on a phone or heard each other's voices," Mocean Worker explained. The duration of the project...Eleven months. Emoticons used...3.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

1:23 Engagement

10ton is a new online video shop from New York working with advertisers to produce web content and some great video shorts. They are elevating the quality of online advertising and I can see 10ton doing some great work in the future as evidence of this short promo. Nice work.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Reading Lights

For those who think pop-up books are just for kids, 'Book of Lights' from designer Takeshi Ishiguro takes the art of pop-up to an entirely new level with a series of pop-up lamps that actually light up with a turn of the page. Amazing.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Designing Koi Running Tiger

Koi Klub

Zen Yoshimoto's clear 'Made of Japan' sneaker

Koi Klub, the Berlin based, Japanese design collective and event promoter recently teamed up with Onitsuka Tiger to design a new line of sneaker for the iconic brand. Yoske Nishiumi of Koi Klub explains, "Koi were actually our grandpa's generation's popular collectibles; sneakers are my generation's collectibles. Both have in common that they could go extremely expensive by getting premier value."
Full story here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

No Sleep till Bushwick pt.2

flyer designed by Skewville.

ADHOC gallery 49 Bogart Street, Brooklyn.

Yuri Checking out prints for sale.

The Opening night of 'No Sleep till Bushwick' went swimmingly. We arrived at the ADHOC gallery in Brooklyn sometime around seven to find the space already filled with kids clutching cans of pbr and listening to the dj set. The small gallery was filled with work from Bast, Aiko & Skewville along with special guest, Chris Mendoza from the Barnstormers. The highlight of the night included the custom air vents placed around the gallery reworked to spell out "FRESH" and a series of mischievous spray paint wielding rabbits printed on old subway service signs. As the night grew to a close, we ducked out for some more drinks and free pizza at the famous Alligator lounge, passing beneath one of Skewville's iconic wooden shoe cut-outs dangling from a telephone wire as the sun dipped beneath the Manhattan skyline.

Show runs until July 16th.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Through the Wire

Glasgow Design Collective member Benedict Radcliffe, recently unveiled a new installation called "Modern Japanese Classic" featuring a wire frame Subaru Impreza inspired by line drawings and 3d illustration. The car, which was "parked" outside a recent show in Mayfair garnered even more attention when traffic authorities issued a very real parking ticket to the virtual car.

Volkswagen Handy Work

Commercial for the Volkswagen Phaeton created entirely with hand puppets but don't expect your standard butterflies, this is serious handy work...or digital work. If anyone knows of the agency behind these please sent it along. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feel Good Inc.

Jamie Hewlett, the visual artist and director behind Gorillaz and Tank Girl has tackled the music and entertainment industry with his stunning animation style and toy designs and has decided to enter the sex toy industry designing well, more toys.

Friends don't let friends New Rave

Why does New Rave (err, Nu Rave) keep gaining momentum outside of London? Maybe it's the drab overcast London Sky or the puddle strewn, cobblestoned streets of SoHo that were calling out for a color (err, Colour) revolution but I never thought that Nu Rave would have survived this long. Disturbing? Yes. Surprising? No. With all street trends loosely linked to local music scenes and party venues, Nu Rave seems to have grown out of London like the virus from 28 Days Later and consumed scenesters from Williamsburg to Fergie Ferg, striking first the impressionable readers of NME and Nylon before sending a neon tsunami to the U.S. and Asia. All it takes is one generation removed for a complete loss of 80's irony.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


It's hard these days to find e-cards that truly capture a feeling of certain "delicate" situations but I think these new cards from someecards are finally doing justice to the e-card industry.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kill Your TV

To The Surface is a new website specializing in the uncovering of quality as well as controversial documentaries focusing on a range of topics from: Politics, Conspiracies, Current Events, The Environment, Nature and Culture that have lain for too long, beneath the outer crust...and it's bloody brilliant!

No Sleep Till Bushwick Pt.1

ADHOC Gallery presents "No Sleep Till Bushwick" Thursday, June 14 6-10pm Bushwick, NY. Some of the most prolific street artist in the last decade will be showing work including CHRIS MEDOZA, BAST, FAILE, AIKO, & SKEWVILLE. I'll be in attendance so Ill post a full review of the show next week but I thought I would do my part to promote it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bicycle Art

A new documentary from Buttered Muffin productions about handmade bicycle builder Sacha White and his Portland based Vanilla Bicycle company. White is one of the foremost frame builders and this short 10min film shows exactly why clients are willing to wait up to 4 years for one of his custom frames. Watch the full film here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

DDB Sydney Goes Vinyl

For DDB Sydney's new spot for Wrigley Extra, the boys and girls down under tap into Vinyl toy culture and achieve a record breaking 12 on the cuteness scale. Story and images courtesy Vinyl Abuse. Full spot below.

Swan Song

Full link below

This is perhaps the most beautiful and creepy Dutch porcelain website I have ever seen. Slow day at work? challenge a co-worker to sit through the backing track on this site and not go insane enough to buy Dutch Porcelain. Bjork who?

Pretty Dutch

70,000 photogrpahs in 10 Days

First-time director, Hal Samples uses more than 70,000 still photographs for the new Polyphonic Spree video 'Running Away' off their forthcoming album 'The Fragile Army' and is considered the first music video to be shot entirely without video. The photographs were taken over a 10 day period while on tour. Please to enjoy.

David Shrigley Tattoos

The First time I saw a David Shrigley drawing was on a plane headed back to Chicago. I was reading an issue of Print magazine and came across a set of drawings that looked like they had been done by a five-year-old. Much in the same way people balk at modern art for it's perceived simplicity, I couldn't help but feel that these drawings lacked any artistic or social merit so I quickly got out a pen and drew an airplane on my drink napkin to prove my myself. However, the airplane appeared just as it had come about, an adult's crude attempt to draw a mechanical device, hindered by years of observing airplane forms combined with adult logic, the wings of my plane were somewhat even, the lines straight, the windows to was simply a bad sketch, child or not. I had become a David Shrigley convert. Fast forward almost a year to a bar in Chicago. I'm sitting at a table when I notice a woman with a familiar looking tattoo on her arm. It was a Shrigley! Apparently Shrigley's work has become so popular in tattoo form that the artist has linked a gallery from his website featuring his illustrations on various body parts.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Private Park

Remember when business cards where just a way to win a free lunch? Hopefully the designers at Jung Von Matt, Germany were at least treated to that by client Tur & Partner, a landscape architecture firm. The business card features a purposed landscape design. A number of holes are punched through the card allowing the watered seeds contained within the card to sprout over time.

Letters From The West Coast

Graffiti has always produced the best and most original lettering and no one blurs the line between typography and art more than L.A. based artist Atlas. In this short, beautifully made film, the artist shows the progression of graffiti in the last decade and the ongoing debate over graffiti's proper place in today's society. The film delves far deeper than the art vs. vandalism debate and provides an inside look into an artist's motivation and his passion for an art form that remains largely underground.