Monday, June 30, 2008

Holographic Text Messages

HoloText iPhone Concept

Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Clean Fun

The Reverse Graffiti Project

It was almost a year ago when I first saw the incredible reverse graffiti of Alexandre Orion. To this day it remains one of my all time favorite viral videos for it's beauty and the ensuing debate caused by "clean graffiti". How can the art form be illegal if the artist and authorities use the same tactics to both create and destroy the piece of art? New York artist Moose weighs in with some food for thought on the emerging art form.

Now, watch the video again. Did you catch the product? Is it a documentry? is it a viral video? Is it an ad? Yes. But who cares, the content is interesting, informative and entertaining. It's called the 3min doc and it's where content rules and the soft sell takes the back seat. While advertisers are trying to come up with the next product to sell with a gorilla suit, there are still people out there not only making better ads but more interesting ones.