Friday, October 5, 2007

Crazy Rabbit. Bravia Steals Again

I'm not a Bravia hater. I think the Sony ads are fantastic but if you are going to make ads that are going to get people talking, inevitably there will be critics. Recently the creative minds behind the Bravia "balls" commercial have endured scrutiny over the
origin of that concept. Now it appears the recently released Bravia "Bunnies" ad featuring dozens of colorful play-doh bunnies infesting the streets of New York may suffer the same black eye of unoriginality. Core77 brought our attention to the work of LA based artist Kozyndan and the similarities between the latest Bravia ad and a Kozyndan illustration featuring a city covered in (gasp!) colorful little bunnies. Kozyndan, whose work often features the colorful rabbits was (according to Core77) contacted by the studio requesting work samples but had not been formally included on the project. Full story here.