Sunday, June 17, 2007

No Sleep till Bushwick pt.2

flyer designed by Skewville.

ADHOC gallery 49 Bogart Street, Brooklyn.

Yuri Checking out prints for sale.

The Opening night of 'No Sleep till Bushwick' went swimmingly. We arrived at the ADHOC gallery in Brooklyn sometime around seven to find the space already filled with kids clutching cans of pbr and listening to the dj set. The small gallery was filled with work from Bast, Aiko & Skewville along with special guest, Chris Mendoza from the Barnstormers. The highlight of the night included the custom air vents placed around the gallery reworked to spell out "FRESH" and a series of mischievous spray paint wielding rabbits printed on old subway service signs. As the night grew to a close, we ducked out for some more drinks and free pizza at the famous Alligator lounge, passing beneath one of Skewville's iconic wooden shoe cut-outs dangling from a telephone wire as the sun dipped beneath the Manhattan skyline.

Show runs until July 16th.