Tuesday, June 5, 2007

David Shrigley Tattoos

The First time I saw a David Shrigley drawing was on a plane headed back to Chicago. I was reading an issue of Print magazine and came across a set of drawings that looked like they had been done by a five-year-old. Much in the same way people balk at modern art for it's perceived simplicity, I couldn't help but feel that these drawings lacked any artistic or social merit so I quickly got out a pen and drew an airplane on my drink napkin to prove my point...to myself. However, the airplane appeared just as it had come about, an adult's crude attempt to draw a mechanical device, hindered by years of observing airplane forms combined with adult logic, the wings of my plane were somewhat even, the lines straight, the windows to size...it was simply a bad sketch, child or not. I had become a David Shrigley convert. Fast forward almost a year to a bar in Chicago. I'm sitting at a table when I notice a woman with a familiar looking tattoo on her arm. It was a Shrigley! Apparently Shrigley's work has become so popular in tattoo form that the artist has linked a gallery from his website featuring his illustrations on various body parts.