Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taxi Cafe

Vancouver--For a long time now there has been a shift in the marketing tactics of companies who are moving away from simply advertising their product or service in favor of aligning their brands with particular lifestyle choices (think Mac vs. PC). A couple of weeks ago we covered the opening of BK Studios here in Chicago in which Burger King has desperately attempted to buy themselves into a subculture with their burger-free art loft. Now comes word that advertising agency, Taxi is getting in on the act by opening Taxi Cafe. I know what you're thinking, "But I work at an Ad agency and we have a coffee bar..." except your coffee bar is most likely hidden away on the 16th floor and exists only to impress clients and serve slacking employees where as Taxi Cafe is situated at street level and serves not only to impresses clients (the cafe itself is decorated with successful Taxi ad campaigns) and serve the occasional employee (no word on the discounts yet) but Taxi Cafe is 100% open to the public (you know, that bizarre outside population of consumers, agencies are supposed to uh, be able to interact with?).

via Ad Pulp