Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ever catch yourself in the reflection of your computer screen or TV set and feel like you're staring at a stranger? A couple months ago a friend made a video of me working and though hilarious to watch a nine hour work day compressed into a two minute time lapse, it was also slightly disturbing to see how immersed I had become staring into a computer monitor. Now comes Immersion Blog, a fascinating look at user interaction with the various media that have come to dominate our daily lives. Most shocking perhaps is photographer, Robbie Cooper's Immersion study (above) and Godfrey Reggio's Evidence videos which record the facial reactions of children while interacting with a video game and television set respectfully. It should be noted that advertising agency, Fallon London attempted a similar execution in their CBBC spots a couple months ago that shows the joyous expressions of toddlers immersed in children's programing on the BBC. One idea, three very different results--all of them illuminating in their own way.

via Coups de Pub