Monday, October 6, 2008

The Gum Thief Promos

Glove Pond Pt. 2

To help promote the The Gum Thief, the latest novel from Author Douglas Coupland, Random house teamed up with Crush Toronto to produce a number of online teaser ads (9 in all) featuring Douglas reading excerpts from the book.

According to Crush’s managing director/creative director, Gary Thomas:
First off, we loved the book and we all love Doug’s work. We felt that the nature of the narrative lent itself to a less traditional form, and we thought Doug’s readers would be visually sophisticated and net savvy enough to appreciate this approach. We wanted the three strands to have a unique look, but when viewed as a group would feel coherent. Our designers, Stefan Woronko, Adrian Lawrence, Chris Rolf and Greg Dunlop each used a wide variety of techniques, and brought their varied design aesthetics to their pieces.

via ad-titude.