Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pontiac's Sin (City)

Frank Miller's The Spirit in theaters Christmas 2008

Imaginary Forces ad for Pontiac

Leo Burnett's spot for Pontiac

Imaginary Forces, Leo Burnett & Pontiac channel Frank Miller in a slew of new ads. I say "channeled" because Miller apparently had nothing to do with the spots. When I first saw this campaign I thought it seemed like a really cool idea. Release the spots to coincide with Miller's upcoming film The Spirit due out this Christmas, cross promote with the movie, media buys to attract a new audience to the flailing car industry, product tie-ins, micro site etc, etc, etc. Except, instead of seizing what could have been an amazingly integrated campaign, Pontiac seems to be content with simply dipping their pen in Miller's ink.

More on the Frank Miller "inspired" campaign here.