Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where Do You Think Yuri Going?

I'm really hoping Nike campaigns the new Yuri ads to other sports. I'm not sure if "run like you have never run before" really fits as the tag line here but I love the idea of the internal dialougue even though the Eastern European brogue comes off a little too Borat, we will excuse this for the excellent script and casting. What I can't forgive are spots that continue to direct the consumer to their website and then leaves the user to sift through endless content with little or no direction.


The Yuri spot end with a simple claim, "Challenge Yuri at". Fine. There is only one problem, the link takes you to the nike homepage. If you thought you were being directed to instantly interact with more of the lovable Yuri you better start clicking. After 5 minutes of searching through the Nike site and being asked to enter endless fields of information I gave up. Usually, the user has less patience than that. The lesson here is use the backslash (/)! and don't ask more from the consumer than what you are giving them. If they like the site, product or message they'll stay.

Also, if anyone actually finds the "challenge Yuri" section of this site, there is a reward.