Thursday, October 18, 2007

Diesel Ad Smaks of Unoriginality

Listen, if you are going to swipe creative, we suggest you not do it from a major label music video. The new Diesel ad featuring dancing instructor Aarif Smaks from Finland features one of Smaks original instructional videos only the music is swapped with some modern tunes. Seems like a fine idea but there is only one problem, I could have sworn I had seen it before. It took most of the morning but I finally remembered where I recognized Mr. Smaks from. A couple months ago I was watching a Ryan Adams music video for the song Halloweenhead which presumably, is exactly what the ad wizards behind this Diesel ad were doing when they stole the idea. The video claims to have more than 11,768 views on Youtube, a fraction of record sales for a little known, Grammy nominated musician.