Thursday, August 23, 2007

School's in Session

Advertising School: Design Factory International, Germany
Tutor: Michael Hoinkes (He Said She Said)
Creative: Benjamin Busse

Students coming out of ad schools often make the same mistake of limiting themselves to headline-driven print ads with the notion that alternate media advertising will either be too expensive or too difficult to execute. The difficulty is thinking of ways to use new media in a way that is relevant. This spec ad from Ben Busse from the Design Factory International in Germany not only blew my mind but it made me want, more than anything, for it to be real. For an interactive campaign to succeed, the public must WANT to interact and the technology must be appropriate to do so. This campaign succeeds in both. The only problem is falling for the old “Bluetooth technology” trick. Bluetooth advertising has currently been dubbed a flop for the relatively small usage of enabled cell phones. All of that aside, this may be one of my favorite ads of the year and it was done by a student.