Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Got Soul But I'm Not a Soildier

The new spot for GE’s online series “GE Imagination” features this rather whimsical tale of a fuzzy faced samurai with a confounding problem. I can’t help but think BBDO New York, the agency behind the 3min viral, felt that they were in a similar situation. How does one raise the awareness of something as seemingly bland as an energy company? The answer was in appealing to an idea behind the company. GE claims to provide novel ideas to energy problems. This is not a WTF ad but in fact, a spot-on example of communicating an idea in a way that is easy to understand and der I say entertaining.

On a side note, I was somewhat surprised to see a scene in this commercial featuring a village of tiny ninjas that resembles Ninja Town, a yet to be released Nintendo DS game inspired by vinyl toy design shop, Shawnimals. Cross marketing or coincidence?